What to Expect

At Everett Counseling, we strive to ensure every client has a pleasant experience. Leah works hard to guarantee optimal service in every regard. Take a moment to explore what you can expect and how to be prepared for your sessions.

regarding Paperwork

We will send you our paperwork electronically to fill it out in the comfort of your own home. If you are using insurance, we will even have your benefits checked before your first session!

your First Appointment

At your appointment time, we ask that you arrive at the office and wait in your car. Leah will send you a text message when she's ready for you to come in and greet you.

After your session

Many people feel better after the first session, and most see improvement within a few sessions. Schedule follow-ups that fit your schedule; you are in complete control of scheduling!

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What is your scope of practice?

Depression, Anxiety, Adults, Children, Adolescents, Family Systems, Play Therapy, Behavior Management, ADHD, Divorce/Custody Issues, Co-Parenting, Adoption, Abuse, Trauma/PTSD, Parenting, Work Related Issues, School-Related Issues, ADHD, Women’s Issues, Socialization Issues, Other Related Problems.

How long have you been practicing?

I have been in the mental health field since 2001 and a licensed counselor since 2007.

What type of training have you completed?

I have specific training in anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and parenting. I have completed both requirements to be a Registered Play Therapist and a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor. I have done training for play therapy and training counselors for how to prepare and give testimoniny in court. I frequently do consultations in assisting other professionals with their difficult cases. Additionally, I have achieved certification as a Registered Integrative Sand Tray Therapist with training in neurobiology of development. I am an EMDR trained therapist and have seen the benefits of this technique.

What is your general approach to treatment?

I use a person-centered approach, with a solution-focused treatment. I am very much a reality therapist who is goal-directed. I use both directive and non-directive techniques with a neurobiological approach in play therapy.

How long does treatment usually last?

Anywhere from 3-6 months which would be 12-24 sessions.

How will you measure progress toward treatment goals?

We revisit goals every 4 weeks to assess progress.

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