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Donna in Jonesboro, AR *****
There are only a hand full of people on the planet that I can say have impacted my life as greatly as Leah Everett. Years ago, I felt lost and broken. God placed this amazing counselor in my life and with her guidance and sometimes brutal honesty, I can say without a doubt, I would not be the strong and happy person I am today without her knowledge and support. Finding Leah was divine intervention and I could not recommend her highly enough for having the tools and the wisdom to enable me to put the broken pieces back together. I will never be able to thank her enough for all she has inspired me to accomplish.
Kim in Kennett, MO *****
My family has been using Leah for about a year now. She has been helping my children work through some anxiety and self-esteem issues. Leah is so down-to-Earth and talking to her is just easy. My kids and I feel comfortable sharing thoughts and feelings with her. She is just what we needed to help us work through some of these issues. I’d recommend her to anyone I know!
Crystal in Paragould, AR *****
Leah has always been great! She is a God fearing, Christian woman who has been called to help others. She is excellent with children of all ages and uses sand tray and play therapy. She is also excellent with adults creating a quiet, comfortable environment for them to deal with whatever the need may be. Our family is forever grateful for Ms Leah and the work she does.

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