Play Therapy

According to research, only about 20% of children who need therapy receive some form of help, and just 5% receive specialized services. You are here because you realize the time to act is now. You need someone to help your child navigate real-world challenges. Leah can be that person for you. If you have a child 2-18 years old, and you want better for them, whether it is better behavior at school, less anxiety, or even improved self-esteem, Play Therapy is the way to go.

Play Therapy gets effective results quicker because it uses the natural language of your child. Traditional "talk therapy" simply can't meet them where they are the way Play Therapy does. Parents have noted it seems like magic because of the significant improvements in their child after only a few sessions. Your child will love coming to therapy, and you will love the results! It's time to set your child on a path that will place them ahead of other children. What are you waiting for when the solution is ready for you?

The Science Behind Play Therapy

One of Leah’s great passions is understanding more about the inner workings of the mind. A growing field in neuroscience that has to do with our minds is neuroplasticity. This term describes how experiences reorganize neural pathways in the brain. Our brains have the ability to change throughout the course of our lives.

Changes connected with learning occur primarily between the neurons called the synapse. New connections can form, and the internal structure of the existing synapses can change.

Play is an emotionally engaging and creative experience that increases levels of oxytocin. This hormone enhances feelings of emotional well-being and trust, thus supporting a therapeutic relationship between the child and the play therapist. Mirror neurons are also activated in play, which helps therapists accurately read and connect with the child’s emotional state.

A Word From Leah

I am a Registered Play Therapist Supervisor because I believe in the power of play. I use toys, puppets, art, games, music, sand tray, and imaginative play to provide children a safe way to express thoughts and feelings, process issues, and master new skills.

My office is an oasis where children and adults may relax and express themselves in a fun and creative way. I believe children and adults expand their self-expression, self-knowledge, self-actualization, and self-efficacy using play therapy/sand tray techniques. I have served as a clinic coordinator in the past, but choose to focus on my passion working with children and their parents. I live for the ‘Aha’ moments when everything makes sense and things begin to change. Being a play therapist is rewarding, plus, as I tell people, ‘My work is play.’

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